Woodley Park Archers




The name of this organization shall be the “WOODLEY PARK ARCHERS,” indicated in abbreviation as the WPA.


Purpose of WPA

The WPA shall be operated exclusively for educational, charitable, and social purposes and to perpetuate, foster, and elevate the sport of archery through education; the promotion of youth, family, group, and individual archery participation, and the proper care and use of archery equipment, as well as the direction and practice of proper archery techniques, form, and etiquette. Other main objectives include the promotion of self discipline, teamwork, fellowship, and good sportsmanship, which is achieved by teaching classes in all areas and levels of archery, conducting tournaments, and by holding social events. The WPA shall be non-sectarian and non-political in its activities. All monies & assets raised or received by WPA shall be used for the purpose stated above. No part of net earnings shall benefit any private individual.



3.1 Membership Levels

Term of membership shall be from the date signed on application. There shall be levels of membership including: Adult, Junior, and Family. The Board may vote to waive the dues for any adult, family, or junior membership because of financial hardship. Membership dues and additional levels shall be established and set by the current board and shall be maintained in a separate addendum (WPA Membership Addendum).

All memberships require an application, payment of dues, and approval of the WPA board

3.1.1 Adult Membership shall be granted to persons who have attained their 18th birthday,
3.1.2 Junior Membership shall be granted to anyone under 18 years of age. Junior members may use WPA equipment under adult supervision. Junior members may be members of our JOAD program. Juniors who are not JOADs are not required to join the WPA to participate in non-JOAD activities. Only members 18 years and older may hold an elected position on the Board.
3.1.3 Family Membership shall be granted to families members, including husband, wife, domestic partners, and dependents, under 18 years of age. Four family members are covered under the basic family membership fee with an additional nominal cost per member over four members. Family members may be participants in the Woodley Park Archers JOAD. Full time students may remain under family membership through their 20th year of age. All family members of voting age may vote in WPA elections and activities.
3.2 Annual Dues For Membership
Membership dues shall be set by the current board and shall be maintained in the attached WPA Membership Addendum. (Remove paragraph below and add to addendum)
3.3 Membership Qualification of WPA
3.3.1 Members in good standing of the WPA at any time shall be those persons who have satisfied the following requirements: Have paid their dues for the membership year. Have not died, resigned, been expelled from membership, or formally disciplined by the board; have agreed to abide by the WPA's Constitution, Bylaws, Range Safety Rules, have signed the waiver, and membership application.
3.3.2 Membership in the WPA is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which may accept or reject any application for good cause by a majority vote;
3.3.3 No member of the WPA in arrears shall be eligible to vote, hold office, or to enjoy any of the privileges or benefits offered by this organization.
3.3.4 New members must have paid their dues prior to any meeting to be eligible to vote in that meeting.